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We understand how important your needs are to you and your company and that’s why we put our focus in providing you outstanding results.

attention  to  detail

Our success comes from our passion and dedication to the details.  What truly makes the difference in a project is the attention to details applied to it. We live by it !!


At SD.Sharp we can only consider a feature to be “completed” after it has gone thru a relentless testing process. Would you accept any other way?

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how  we  measure  success?

We define with your team a set of testable and verifiable requirements. Then we enforce the 4 measures below:

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On Time

Projects must be completed within the agreed time-frame.

Icon Scope
On Scope

Projects must cover all agreed items in a manner that is both testable and verifiable

Icon Budget
On Budget

Projects must be completed within the agreed financial estimation.

Icon Bug free
Bugs Free

Projects must be relentlessly tested until no known bug is present.

Sounds good?

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