US Federal Courts

CJA Voucher

  1. 100% custom project
  2. Web App and suitable for iPad
  3. Development & UX Design
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Client's  quote
“THEIR  CODe  ...WORKS  (period)”

The SDSharp team has been one of the most productive and successful vendors we had in quite some time.

Their dedication to my success was really remarkable.

A true “gem” for the US Courts.

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Julia F.
IT Director
U.S. Federal Courts

Great features


A complete project
A complete project from sketch to active community.
Judges, Lawyers, Experts
Each one with a different needs, all under the same portal.
Web apps for iPad and Smartphone
Webapps perfect to use on both desktop devices as well as mobile devices.
Live mockups
See your project come alive even before our programmers start programming it!